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Define your short or medium-term objectives and let’s study together the best investment
opportunities in real estate assets!

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You want to increase your income

Investing in high quality real estate developments offers attractive results, outperforming bank investments. The payment of rents increases your income over the long term.

You are building up an estate

An effective wealth strategy is based on attractive investments that guarantee your financial security and that of your family. The rents collected can cover any loans you may have.

You are preparing for your future retirement

The income from your real estate assets ensures that your standard of living is maintained.
The resale of real estate gives you a substantial capital with the added value realized.

You want to reduce your tax burden

The public authorities propose tax measures that are favourable to real estate investments. To
reduce your income tax while building up your wealth.

4 different ways to invest with SMART STRATEGY


Mixed-use property, the Special Investors solution

The mixed real estate programs designed by Smart Strategy in France and abroad are real urban ecosystems. Wanted for their prime location and innovative facilities, Smart Strategy real estate properties meet the latest trends in living, working and consuming.


Medical real estate, a promising niche market

Thanks to their location and quality of execution, the health centres built by Smart Strategy represent a particularly profitable market. If you are a private professional, buying your business premises maybe a good idea. If you are looking for a profitable investment, this niche market sector is performing well. Smart Strategy develops a great expertise in health real estate and advises you efficiently in the realization of your project.


New housing, attractive facilities

Smart Strategy provides ideal solutions to purchase new housing in the best conditions as a main residence, second home or rental investment. This sector is subject to specific legislation in France and abroad, both in terms of tax exemptions and financing possibilities. You will benefit from Smart Strategy advice in the legal and financial planning of your investment.


Office property, guaranteed results

To equip your company with new premises, develop your commercial activities or invest in professional real estate, Smart Strategy offers you programs with a high level of profitability. Shops, restaurants, offices, business centres… are always well located in appealing areas, close to highways and easy to access. They guarantee investors long-term performance.