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Forward sale or sale in a future state of completion?


Forward sales

The forward sale corresponds more to so-called “traditional” sales. In the latter, the transfer of ownership and payment of the price only take place on the day the building is completed.

As a result, the seller does not receive any payment until that date. Indeed, even if the buyer were to make payments during construction, these would be blocked in a deposit account.


The specificity of sales in future state of completion

Unlike “traditional” sales, the principle of selling on a « sales in future state of completion » is the transfer of ownership and payment of the price during the construction of the building. Indeed, during the construction phase, the seller will receive a sum proportional to the progress of the work and the buyer, in return, will be acquiring ownership of the said constructions.

These instalment payments are of fundamental importance since, when reinvested in the operation by the promoter, they will make it possible to continue and complete the planned project.

It should be mentioned that payments are often divided into 6 instalments, although intermediate steps can be integrated.

Sales in future state of completion payment schedule

Percentage of sale price paid by the buyer in the course of construction

At the delivery


Cumul 5%

Completion of works


Cumul 10%

Getting out of the air


Cumul 35%

Getting out of the water


Cumul 60%

At the completed foundations stage


Cumul 90%

At the signing of the authentic instrument


Cumul 95%


To this must also be added a security deposit, which is equal to 5% of the selling price if completion is within 24 months or 2% if completion is fixed in more than 24 months.
Also, 5% holdback is held by the buyer at the time of delivery. This 5% is only paid if the buyer doesn’t express any reservations or when they are waived.